publishing to zip issue Urgent help needed.

Mar 02, 2012

We are having issues all of a sudden after we publish for LMS we click the zip button and the files are not being created.  has this happened to anyone else?  If so how did you fix it?   Can i just go to the folder and zip all the files for the LMS if i cant get the button to work?

thank you in advance to everyone

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Eric. For zip creation to work properly, the full directory path of the publish location needs to be less than 256 characters in length, including the name of the zip file itself.

Also, please be aware that working on a network drive or publishing to a network drive can cause erratic behavior. You should edit and publish your content on your local hard drive (typically, your C: drive).
If you are working on a network drive you are probably going to want to copy the folder that contains your project to your C: drive. If your directory structure is really deep, you may want to create a couple of new folders:
C:\Articulate Publish
Put your project in the first folder and publish to the second folder. One last thing is that you want to make sure the directory paths to your project files and to your publish path don't contain any funky characters. Only use alphanumeric characters.

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