Quick Solution for Transparent Web objects in Articulate Presenter

Hey everyone! I wanted to find a solution that would allow me to place web objects in Articulate Presenter over top of my other objects and still be able to see them and the master slide template so I started reading old forum posts. I had found a few posts about making the background on web objects transparent and decided that a better solution must exist without having to modify any files after they have been exported. So I came up with a simple JavaScript solution to the problem. All you have to do is copy and paste this simple JavaScript function into you html page and you will have a web object with a transparent background. (Remember to not set a background color for your html page because it could override this solution) Here is the code. You can use it in any way you please.


function transparentWebObject()



var eLayer1 = window.parent.document.getElementById("eLayer1");



window.onload = function(){transparentWebObject()};



Dan White

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