Quiz imported from Quizmaker displaying the wrong number of questions

I have a 50 question test that I'm adding to my Articulate 360 course (both upgraded from Presenter '13) and when it's imported, it only says there are 8 questions.

The questions are grouped into 9 question groups.

Does anyone know why this is happening ? We have had some issues with people completing this course so I want to check everything.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Andrea.  Geez, those numbers really don't match up.  Let me ask some questions about your process and then we'll work on some next steps:

  • Are you upgrading your quiz directly in Quizmaker 360?  If so, how does it look there?  Do you still have your question groups with the right number of questions?
  • Are you adding the quiz into the presentation directly without first upgrading in Quizmaker?  You wouldn't be doing anything wrong; I'm just getting a feel for where the breakdown is occurring.
  • While it says there are 8 questions, what happens when you preview the entire presentation?  How many questions are you given?

Feel free to share your original .quiz file here (it may say "backup" in the file name for the Quizmaker '13 version).  I'll do some testing to see how it imports on my end!

Andrea Mandal

I upgraded the whole project from PPT / Presenter. The quiz was already attached. I upgraded it from within the presentation as well. Then I removed it from the presentation and added it back in after it was upgraded and it still said 8 questions.

When you publish / upload, all 50 questions display, but we are getting some weird data stuff happening. I think part of that is that it's a SCORM 1.2 course and the suspend data can't hold everything it needs to. I've been advocating for shorter quizzes due to this limitation.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrea, 

Sorry, you keep hitting roadblocks on this! I'd love to take a look at your .quiz file as Crystal mentioned. That way we'll be able to do some testing around it too. 

If you need to share privately you can always send along to our Support Team. They'll dig in with you via email to figure out what's going on.