random sound problem


Still trying to get my first project off the ground! Now that it's published (not for public yet) I'm having a random sound issue.

A coworker reports that after an engage slide all sound is gone. He said that if he manually clicks the page in the menu there is sound but not if he just hits the next button. It happened after both of the engage slides I have in there.

It does not happen on my ipad nor on my computer. On both it works perfectly. I asked another coworker to check on her computer to see if it was just operator error but she reports the same issue on her computer. The sounds disappears after the engage slide. She is going to try on her ipad as well.

Has this type of thing happened to anyone else before? I'm not sure how to fix a problem that isn't even happening consistently.



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Joy Prior

Wow! I asked one of my coworkers to switch browsers to see what happened. Initially he had used Firefox when he had the sound issue. When using IE it worked! I also was using IE the first time and it worked fine.

Does anyone know what would cause this and if there is any way to fix it?