Reasons why Captivate 4 .swf files won't play in Presenter?

I have a Captivate 4 (AS2) .swf file that I've inserted into a Presenter slide. When I insert the .swf sometimes I get this error message:

When I publish the course, the .swfs that triggered this error message do NOT play - as a matter of fact, they don't even look like they are inserted in the slide any more.

Some .swfs I've inserted do not receive this error message and play just fine.

Any ideas as to why some Captivate 4 (AS2) .swf files won't play and are causing this error?

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Kimberly and welcome to Heroes! Check out this article on how to insert Captivate movies into Presenter:

I would also suggest reviewing this tutorial for how to add movies to a presentation:

Kimberly Read

Follow up: To resolve this issue, I had to remove all slide master placeholders from my layouts. You can do this by right clicking the slide, selecting Layout and then choosing a blank layout. Or, what I did, click View > Slide Master and then delete all content placeholders on each slide (including Text, Picture, Chart, Table, etc). After completing this I have never expereicend the error again.