Record Narration - No Next Slide advance option


I have used Presenter 09 > Record Narration without a problem for quite a while.  Lately I have installed a trial version on a new associate's machine.  Using Record Narration she does not see the  'Next Slide' option, just I believe Pause or Stop.  She has to advance the slides with the arrows on the right.  She has Powerpoint 2010, I have been using 2007.  Any ideas what is up with her installation?

Thanks, Doug

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Peter Anderson

Hey Doug!

Does she have either the 64-bit or Click to run versions of Office installed? That could cause an issue with missing components. Otherwise, please feel free to submit a case to our support team. And during the case submission process, you'll have the opportunity to record a screencast of the issue, which would be very helpful in this case. Thanks!

Doug Thom

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the quick reply.  It was installed on a new 64 bit computer which originally had an Office Trial version which I uninstalled and then installed the Office 2010 and I did not do a custom installation.  The new installation does not have Outlook.  Is there any way to determine which version, 32 or 64 is installed?



Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson said:

Hey Doug!

You're right, and sorry this is just occurring to me. In Presentation Options > Other, the second option is Record narration one slide at a time. Uncheck that box and you'll see the Next Slide option when Recording Narration. 

Glad to get that figured out. Thanks for your patience

Hi Doug,

Didn't want you to miss this, up a few posts.