Recording not working

Hi all,

I am having trouble recording...I get to the Record Narration part, hit record, it looks like it is recording, but when I play it back the microphone goes to mute and there is no sound.  I checked my sound and it is on.  I checked recording and it works without headset in (but too staticy to do it that way for production).  I bought a new headset last night but it is doing the same thing.  Not sure what is wrong.  Any advice or suggestions?  I looked in the forum to see if anyone else had that issue and one seemed to and someone suggested recording in Audacity...I have no idea what that is.  I haven't had issues recording in Articulate before...

Thank you,


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Ron Price

It sounds like the microphone may not be enabled, or at least chosen as your default device.  You may need to check that in control panel.  Are you using XP, Vista, or Windows 7,  In XP, you can also choose your audio devices in Audio Editor, under options.

(also, I would just make sure you mic is not muted )

Peter Anderson

Hi Sheri,

Are you recording your narration in Presenter or in PowerPoint. If it's the latter, you'll need to publish your course one time to hear the audio. 

Audacity is a free audio recording and editing tool. It might be worth a shot recording your audio through Audacity and importing that narration

If the issue isn't being resolved, please feel free to submit a case to our support staff. Thanks!