Recovering Artculate '09 Audio Files?

Jun 14, 2018

Is it possible to recover audio files created in Articulate '09?  My Articulate was rendered unusable when Microsoft 2016 was automatically pushed to my computer.  When I tried uninstalling it, and reinstalling MS 2010, I found that I could no longer get MS 2010.  I'm waiting to get Articulate 360, but have been told by someone who has it, that when her project (created in MS 10) is opened in the 360,  the audio files that were recorded are gone.  I have multiple Articulate projects going- in various stages of completion.  Am I right in assuming that all of the audio recorded earlier will have to be re-recorded once I get Articulate 360?  Thanks. 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Julie. Happy to lend a hand, and sorry your friend ran into that trouble after the upgrade!

There are a couple of reasons why the audio files could have gone missing for her – this article lists several scenarios as well as solutions to recover those files.

If you'd like, we can test the upgrade to Presenter 360 and let you know what we find! Simply create an Articulate Package of your Presenter '09 file, and send it to our Support Team by clicking here.  And of course, we're happy to help your friend find her audio files, too! Please let her know ☺️

Dave Neuweiler

This discussion is interesting to me because I anticipate migrating dozens of course with voiceover from '09 to 360 next year.

Now, I did do a test, upgrading one course to 360, and upon opening the audio editor, noted that all of the voiceover came through fine.

To Julie's dilemma, she's boxed in with Studio '09 and Office 2016, which according to the '09 specs, won't work together. So it would be impossible to then create an Articulate Package to send to support for analysis.

Besides that, since '09 publishes to Flash only, these courses will cease to be usable past 2020.

So Julie, here's what I suggest.

Download a copy of the free trial for Studio '13 ( or Articulate 360. Both of these versions work with Office 2016, so you'll be able to open and upgrade your existing '09 content.

Using the Audio Editor, see if your narration is in place. If it is, then you'll have it when you eventually get 360.

If niether of these works, you can still as ZIP-7 to peek inside the '09 PPTA file. There's a folder there that should contain narration from the project.

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