Recovering PPT from Published Files

I've had a bit of a major malfunction with my computer and lost the original PPT files that I built a couple of presentations on. The computer malfunctioned so badly our IT guys couldn't get anything off it.

Does anyone know if there is anyway to recover the PPT presentation from the published articulate files? I've got everything published to our LMS so the courses are all functional, I just can't change/update them....

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Chris Norton

 I don't think it's possible to decompile the SWF file that's created for each screen to recreate the PowerPoint. 

In terms of not being able to edit the published content, you may be able to avoid having to re-create the entire presentation. If, for example, you had to change one screen, you could build that from scratch in PowerPoint (including the template). You could publish that locally, then rename the SWF file to match the one you're replacing on the LMS, and overwrite the old one with the new one.

Whether this is a good workaround depends, I guess, on how many edits you have and how often they come along.