Recreating content from Version 13 in Version 9

Dec 04, 2015


I am still using Articulate Presenter 09, and a contractor created a course for us in Articulate Presenter 13. Our team is not ready to upgrade yet. I understand that I can't open the project using Articulate 09. However, I expected to be able to "start over" with the PowerPoint, and recreate the course in 09. I deleted the .ppta file and all of the file property references. At that point, I am able to import audio. However, when I try to publish, it tells me that the .ppta file was create in version 13, which it couldn't have been, because I just created it myself in version 09. 

I've also tried changing the name of the file and am still having the same problem. 

What do you have to do to strip away the version 13 to get back to the PowerPoint and recreate?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Linda,

I don't know of any way to strip away the Presenter '13 elements to be able to open it in Presenter '09, but if it's still attached to the .ppta file that would likely be where you're getting the message about a newer version. Have you tried renaming and/or moving the .ppt and the .ppta file apart from each other? As in a separate folder, new file name, etc. and then rebuilding in Presenter 09? This isn't something we could offer support for as it's not backwards compatible, but hopefully that idea gets the ball rolling for you and perhaps someone in the community has another idea or suggestion. 

Linda Ballew


Yes, I tried renaming and I also deleted the .ppta file. I ended up rebuilding it in a new PowerPoint presentation. 

Please understand that I am not asking you to make 13 backward compatible. I just think that I should have been able to return to the no-Articulate-at-all starting point in PowerPoint without having to totally recreate the presentation.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Linda, 

It would have to be a feature request at this time - but I'd also wonder what if any error message you'd receive if you didn't have Presenter '09 or '13 installed? If it would just include the basis Powerpoint file. That likely wouldn't help you in terms of rebuilding in Presenter 09 - but it may be worth investigating if you truly want just the powerpoint file. 

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