Reedits in PowerPoint then passed back to computer with Presentor

Jul 05, 2013

Hi I have a general question. The people I am working with have only bought the program for one computer. They are asking if I work in articulate to make a course and then they take the file can they make changes to the slides in PowerPoint? Are are the limitations? Then also can I take the file back and continue to work in Articulate on the same project? Would there be any complications?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Karen! The best way to share your Articulate Studio content between people who are working on it is via an Articulate Presenter Package. By using this you'll be able to package all the relevant files and information required.

Here is how you can easily create an Articulate Presenter Package. And David has a nice screenr with some good tips for this too.

Karen Whitford

I'm sure this is true. However there is only one copy of Articulate on one computer so what my boss is asking is can the course be saved as a PowerPoint file, and then sent to someone else to edit and do corrections in the PowerPoint program and then save it and send it back to the person with the Articulate program to reopen and do more edits in Articulate? Would this work without any snags? What could cause problems?

Mike Taylor

Sorry for misunderstanding Karen. If you've done anything via the Articulate menu such as adding audio, syncing animations, etc it's best to keep the .ppta file that gets created together with your regular PowerPoint file (.ppt or .pptx) Moving or renaming the PowerPoint file by itself could break the link between the PowerPoint file and its corresponding .PPTA (Articulate) file, ( You can see a bit about what's in the .ppta file here.)

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