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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Barry,Although you can't remove those lines, you could make them appear invisible if you use the same color for the lines as you do for the Bottom Bar Gradient Top and the Bottom Bar Gradient Bottom. I'm not sure if that would suit your situation, though, since it looks like you currently have 2 different colors for the bottom bar, to create the gradient effect. But if you wanted to experiment with that, you can check out this tutorial for a walk-through on how to modify the player colors.

Barry Galvin

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks for your quick response. Thought I wouldn't be able to completely remove them, but worth a try Changing the colour would indeed be the option if I didn't have a graduation there, also the colour change would appear on lines further at the top of the template too I believe.

Not to worry though, many thanks again, I'm sure it won't be a 'deal breaker' with the client :)