removing autoplay

I have three modules that are being put on an external vendor site.  User clicks on Physician Education button which takes them to a screen where they should be able to click on each module individually to play.  However, when they click on the first button, (Physician Education) all three modules play at the same time (slightly staggered). 

They are saying it is a setting in Presenter (13).  I'm convinced it is on their end.

Here is what they copied off of Notepad that makes them think that.

Can you help?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lynne,

I didn't see anything copied in your post, but was also curious if you could offer more information about how this is being set up. Are all the modules set up as "chapters" within one Presenter course, or are they all different courses/files? I can't think of a particular Presenter setting that would cause them all to play at once, and especially if they're separate files it sounds like something on the side of your vendor's site. Are you able to package up the Presenter files and share them with our team here? They'll be happy to test it as well, and please provide information about how it's being viewed such as internet browser, flash version, etc.