Removing Retry Quiz button


Is there any way to remove Retry Quiz button for multiple attempts.

I know, we can remove the Retry Quiz button for Single (Just once) attempt. But, I want multiple attempts and no Retry Quiz button.


Is it possible, if user passes the quiz, there should not be Retry Quiz button. It should appear only if the user fails the quiz.



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Parag Makode

Justin Wilcox said:

You can remove the retry quiz button by following the steps here. It's not a conditional button, though. You either have it or you don't.

Hi Justin,

I want to remove Retry quiz button for Unlimited attempts, not for Just Once attempt.

Is it possible to remove the Retry quiz button for unlimited attempts?



Tanya Samuels

Justin, I'm not understanding the above statement. I have a similar desire to only remove the Retry Quiz button upon fail. It really isn't necessary to retry the quiz if they pass.

You're saying that when we remove the Retry Quiz button, you automatically have unlimited attempts. If they fail, how will they know they have unlimited attempts if there is no button allowing them to do so?

René Jones

I would also like to know how to remove the Retry Quiz button but still allow unlimitied attempts.  I do not need the user to know they have unlimited attempts, but the failed attempt and the use of the "Continue" button will loop them back to the beginning of the course so they can review the information again, and then automatically re-take the test again when they get to it.  As it is, the failed test result is saved, and no further attempts are allowed because of the "Just Once" setting in the Quiz Properties screen. 

Matt Crist

This didn't help. I tried it and Articulate still "remembers" that I failed the quiz, even after selecting "never" as a resume option. What I need to accomplish: I need to loop out of the quiz to my own personalized slide that will allow the user (after attempting the quiz) to review my material (not the quiz questions) and or retake the quiz. So, I am not wanting Quizmaker's retry button to appear. I simply need to be able to exit the quiz, and then loop back to it and take it again. Is this possible?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt!

To let learners retry a quiz, you must use a graded result slide, and mark the box to "Allow user to retry quiz" on the Failure and/or Success layers. See this article for more information.

You can branch them to the material needed, then have them come back to the results slide and re-try the quiz.

If this will not work for you, hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and assist.

Jerry McRoy

Just stumbled across this (check out the Tip):
Allow user to retry quiz: This option adds a Retry Quiz button to your result slide. It lets learners retake your quiz up to the number of times you specify in the Retries drop-down. (Tip: If you only want to give learners the opportunity to retry your quiz when they fail, mark this option on the Failure layer but not the Success layer.)