Repetitive message when publishing

Jun 23, 2011

When I clicked publishing, the publish process got interrupted by a repetitive promt message asking "do you want to save changes to Presentation ###?". Until I respond to this message, it won't resume publishing. One time, to publish one presentation, I had to click over 100 times to these messages. It is exhausting. Do you know how to stop this message from popping up? Thanks.

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chris cook

I'm having the exact same issue on my side, along with one of my colleauges.  We had thought it had something to do with the annoying file management software our agency uses, because it started when they made some updates, however maybe not (unless the original poster is also gov of canada and using RDIMS).

Here are our specs:

Windows XP

Powerpoint 2002

Tested on network and local drive

Have full permissions over the drive, but not the system (ie. program files, registry, etc)

Also of note that our other colleague who recently started piloting Office 2010 doesn't have the issue.

I've tried publishing to different folders, using different options (ie. to WEB, LMS), moving the whole presentation to another folder, etc.  Nothing helps.

Peter Anderson


You might want to try repairing your installation of Microsoft Office. You can use this method, 

Office XP:

Then restart your computer, and verify that the Articulate add-ins are properly enabled in PowerPoint.  Here's how:

See if that helps. Curious to know...

chris cook

We are a government agency with a very strict (ie. paranoid) IT department - since I'm running Articulate as a unsupported product, they won't uninstall/reinstall anything unless there's problems with the primary software (ie. powerpoint) which there isn't.

I've tried publishing to Web/LMS/CD all with the same results.  I guess the only thing I'm wondering is what is Aritculate doing in the background with all of these temporary powerpoint files and is there anyway to force it to save them automatically or to stop the prompts. I really don't have a lot of flexibility otherwise.  Outside of that, we're eventually going to be getting Office 2010, so hopefully that will help things, but for now it's basically made Articulate impossible to use.

chris cook

I should also make it clear that I don't think there is a 'problem' with articulate in this case - I really still think the issue is with the updates done to our file management system (which hijacks the file->save options in Office products) and I'm just curious that someone else is having the same issue.  However if anyone can shed light on the way articulate is generating these files it might help me figure out a work around.

Marc Lefebvre

Hi all!

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

We are experiencing the same issues Chris was having with his users!

We are also a Government Agency that recently upgraded their RDIMS (EDRMS from Open Text) software from application integration to COMMS integration.

Application integration is where the RDIMS is controlling each application individually and controls what happens when an Open or Save request is made.  Every application that is not integrated will normally.

COMMS integration allows the RDIMS application to control ALL (or just about) requests to Open or Save within Windows and any application installed on your workstation.

Since this upgrade, our Articulate users keep getting messages to save their presentations repeatedly when publishing them!

It is a pain for them since they have to continuously click on Yes or No to save the presentation even when no changes are made!!!

We have tried previously mentioned fixes to no avail.

The only thing we have not tried is to install Office 2010, which we are not licensed for yet!

Any help would be great!

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