Replacing PoweredBy Logo causes fullscreen resize not to work

Hi. After all of these courses I've built I have just noticed that if you replace the PoweredBy Logo inthe lower left corner with your own using the code you add in the builtins section of the playerproperties.xml, that when you run the published output, the logo appears and everything seems to work EXCEPT if I maximize my browser. If I do this, the course itself remains at the smaller (optimal) fixed size even though I have checked that I have browser options in the Player Template set to fill browser window. WHen I remove the code and just use the default Articulate logo, sizing when enlargiing the window works as expected.

Is this a known bug?

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Stephanie Harnett

Hi Peter. Sorry I seem to be having a problem with the forums in that I am note getting notified of any responses. Not sure how to fix that because the notification settings on my account seem to be set properly and the email is the right email. So the SWF logo needs to be saved as a scalable format otherwise it prevent the entire interface/skin from scaling?