Replacing the Articulate Logo

May 31, 2012


I'm trying to publish a module and replace the Articulate logo with a custom logo. I've followed the instructions found throughout this site and worked with others to try and figure out where I'm going wrong.

After following the instructions to replace the Articulate logo and publish as a WBT to create an LMS preview link to view the module, I'm able to see the custom logo which replaces the Articulate logo (so that tells me I'm doing something right!).

I will then take that same file and republish to "LMS" and create a zip file.  From there, I can create a link to our LMS QA site for a final review of the module and there the custom logo is no longer in the presenter.  I've gone into the Player folder (in my zip file) to make sure the SWF file is still there, and it is.  I've also gone into the data folder and looked at the playerproperties.xml to make sure the code I entered is still there, and it is.

Has anyone else seen this happen or have any suggestions on how to get the custom logo into the Presenter once it's published to the LMS?

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Angela St. Pierre

Luke,  I just noticed a post from earlier that shows this link:

In Presenter '09 you can remove and replace the Articulate logo. Here's how you remove the logo: 

The instructions I followed didn't instruct me on how to remove the Articulate logo and then replace only had me insert a code in the playerproperties.xml file.  The above link doesn't work.  Any ideas on how I can access the above referenced instructions?  It's worth a shot!

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