Replaying AP Movies with Restricted Navigation in an LMS

We have a series of AP movies followed by a final exam. 

The navigation is restricted for each movie. If a user pauses a movie, logs out, logs back in, they are given the choice to resume where they left off. This is good. 

If a user completes an entire movie and then wants to watch a part of that movie again they are forced to start at the beginning of the movie and can't browse to the portion of the AP movie they would like to view because navigation is restricted. 

Is there a setting I am missing that would allow a user to freely browse a movie after viewing the completely movie once? 


Greg Friese, MS, NREMT-P

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Greg Friese


Navigation on the course is restricted. The seekbar is enabled, but only to show the user's progress within the slide. So really the seekbar is just there as a visual. Not an actual tool.

The issue is being able to browse anywhere within an AP movie with restricted navigation after the user has viewed the entire movie.


Greg Friese

Our seek bar is visible but not enabled. In your quick test example I can slide the seek bar far to the right and immediately finish the slide without actually viewing/hearing the slide content. 

So to be clear I have navigation restricted and seeking disabled. 

Because of our regulatory environment we have disabled navigation and disabled seekbar functionality. It is not ideal from an instructional design stand point, but something we need to do.