Replicating a course from an industry leader using Storyline

So, here's one of my favorite course examples created by an industry leader...

Once you get into the course a bit, you'll come to an interaction with a graphic of a building where you can select multiple scenarios. Some of the examples here use roll-over effects, which is something that you can't currently do with presenter.

For example, select "Tony's office" in the upper right hand corner - after you select "How do you respond" you come to a screen with four examples.  One of my favorite effects here is that you can "roll over to review" the situation Or challenge.  I like this because it frees up some real estate, by separating the challenge and the choices on mulitple screens - and you don't have to select "back" to view - you can simply roll over.

Anyhow - I am happy to report that you CAN do roll over effects using Storyline.  I"ve been playing around with  one of the test versions and I am happy to report that most interactions displayed in this course can be replicated with the Storyline software. 

Does anyone else have any good elearning examples - not necessarily created in Articulate?  I'm always trying to hunt down good examples - and I'm ready for some new guru examples.  It would be nice to have a wiki on this site where a huge list of examples could be gathered by community members. 

In about a week or so - I'll have a fairly solid example that was created for military families with special needs using Articulate.  I'll be happy to share but won't be able to post it publically -  at least not for now.  have a nice day.

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RC -

Hi Peter - thanks for the response.

I've seen all those - matter of fact I've spent quite alot of time going through that particulate webpage.  I've found it was always easier to come up with new ideas - building off interactions within the showcase.  I'm more referring to a community board rather than a community showcase. An area where people can upload their own examples and get feedback - within a single webpage and not scattered within blog discussion threads. Just a suggestion.