Reporting Multiple Quizzes to LMS

I wonder if someone has a suggestion on how I can administer the following:

I work in a multi-national corporation and have a training presentation that contains an English branch and a French branch where the student selects their language at the start. This selection then branches them down either the English or the French path. At the end of each branch is a quiz. My problem is I don't know of a way to allow reporting (SCORM 1.2) on each quiz, depending on the path the student takes... Of course I want the people on the English branch to get the English quiz, which if they pass they then certify their completion through the LMS. I need the same situation to apply to those who take the French path. But that leaves me with 2 quizzes in the course and I can only report on one.

My brain may not be fully functioning after Thanksgiving yet so maybe I'm missing something. Any suggestions?



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Claus Meidell


The obvious way would be to use a separate course for each language.

But if you insist on combining the content into one course, you might try this ...:

Keep your 2 quizzes, just as they are, ending with a "Passed" or "Failed" message

in Presenter, do the following for each quiz:

"On failing, Finish button:" ... restart quiz (or whatever you want to happen)

"On passing, Finish button:" ... goes to a final quiz  (common for both languages)

Then create some smart branching settings in Presenter's Slide Properties, to make sure that the only way to reach the final quiz is for the user to pass the "real" quiz, either the French or the English version.

The final quiz should hold one single question:   Register?  -  Inscrire?        Yes - Oui       No -  Non 

and then of course you must use the result of the final quiz for reporting passed/failed info to your LMS.

PS: I have not tried it myself, I prefer "one language, one course" 

Good luck !

/ Claus

Brett Rockwood

Claus, thanks for your response. I had thought about doing the final quiz as you suggested and that is probably going to be the best solution. If the user chose "No" what action would you use? Just finish the quiz and leave the requirement as "incomplete"? Or return them to the beginning of the course, i.e. the "choose your language slide"? This is a compliance course that everyone is required to complete and register to.

I agree that "one language, one course" in general is a good idea but we need to set up a single requirement in the LMS for all staff in France, in this case, where we have both French speakers and English speakers who work there. It's much easier (and less prone to error, i.e. assigning someone the wrong language) if we let the user decide which language they prefer than to try and set up separate requirements and target each person individually.

Claus Meidell

hmmm -

I wouldn't really expect anyone to select "No" if they manage to reach that page.  :o)

I just figured you need some sort of question in order to give a "passed" mark.

Maybe you could think of something else, for instance ask them if they spent more or less than xx minutes to complete the course - and of course judge both options "passed" 

(and you would never receive that information, of course)

As for your refelections about one language, one course, I guessed it might be something like that.

again: Good luck  !

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Hey Brett,

We have faced this dilemma a few times and created a couple of solutions for it.  One of them has made it to our site as a widget: Although it's intention is really to provide alternate notes translations it also allows for quizzes in each language.

For another customer we have created a widget that allows the learner to switch languages at anytime during the course. That one is not currently available on our site but here is a screenr that demos it. This screenr is actually for our internal team and deals with another issue but you can see the language swapping in it. This solution also allows for two quizzes both of which will report to the LMS.

I am sure we could build you a similar solution if the first one I mentioned wont suffice. 



Maureen Wilson

I have similar questions in that I want to be able to base the final score on the results form several quizzes or knowledge check along the way.  Because the course has several components I want to be able to quiz after each component to see if they are getting it.  This is better that  a long test at the end on all three components. Work around?

Brett Rockwood

Hi Ashley. I've had similar needs and in Presenter at least there is no way I know of to record multiple quizzes. (I believe it is more of a limitation of SCORM than Presenter itself, maybe someone with more knowledge about SCORM could clarify.) What we've done is similar to what Claus suggested above.

Create your quizzes and set up the branching however you like, e.g. if the user fails direct them to a remedial path, if they pass allow them to continue with the course. Do this with all of your quizzes. Create a final quiz that you'll use to report to the LMS.

This final quiz is a single true/false question. But instead of posing it as a question make it a completion statement: "You have now completed this course..." Then make the correct "answer" choice is "Click here to register your completion." Now here's the trick: cover the incorrect choice with a white box to hide it from the user.  Something like this:

The user only has one choice so they will always pass and that gets sent to the LMS. It doesn't give you the scores for each quiz but by setting up the branching carefully you can make sure that everyone who certifies has either passed all the quizzes or taken remedial training before being able to take this final "quiz".

P.S. If you turn off the quiz title and options to review, etc., it seems less like a "quiz" to the user and more like just a certification screen.

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Hi Cory,

We have a widget that allows you add translated versions of your slide notes and corresponding quizzes.

We don't have a widget that only allows  the quiz to swapped. We have built several custom solutions for clients but each one had their own unique requirements. If that one doesn't work for you let me know and we'll look into building something for you.

Cory Christmas

James...  Thanks for your reply.  I'm curious if the widget noted here would be a feasible solution for a project I am working on.  I'm quizzes that need to be available in Spanish.  In the video, it appeared as though though the English/Spanish radio buttons allowed the user to toggle between languages.  True? -- Cory 

Alicia Serrioz

I am trying to do the exact same thing but in Storyline.

I have two branches. One ends with a results slide containing %Results.ScorePercent%, the other with results slide containing %Results1.ScorePercent%.

Since I want them to be able to pass based on 80% in either branch, I set up a third or final results slide based on those with an assigned variable %Results2.ScorePercent%.

When I print out the variables from the branches, the score on the final results slide the score is correct but inevitably the "cummulative" score %Results2.ScorePercent% shows 0. I assume that because this is the case, when I publish, the score sent to the LMS would be this 0 score.

How is the results slide based on multiple results slide functionality supposed work? 

Alicia Serrioz

That doesn't help me. I know how to do that and have done that already. I have a third results slide that is not tied to a third quiz but is generated, rather, by a combination of the first two quizzes' results slides. The results on the individual quizzes calcualate correctly but the results on the slide that is supposed to be a combination of the two is always 0.

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

@Cory It would need to be customized to fit your needs. Do you have two versions of the content as well as the quiz? or do you only want to switch for quizzes?

If you could please contact us via our web site with some details then we can work up a solution for you.



Alicia Serrioz

See the screenshot attached. When I combine the results of two results slides for a third results slide AND I select that the combined passing score is 80% then I get what I expect.

However, when I reduced the passing score to 40%, I get a score of 0 every time in the combined results area.

The combined results passing score should be 40% since the user will only be taking one of two quizzes, however, when the score returned is always 0, this will never report passed to the LMS.

Any suggestions?