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Charles Zoffuto

Locking a slide doesn't mean a user has to view the slide as they could skip over the slide. If you want to force a user to view a slide before reaching the end, my suggestion would be to create that particular slide in Quizmaker (using the blank slide format). Then set the quiz option of User may view slides after the quiz: to "After attempting the quiz".

If that sounds like that is headed in the right direction for you, let me know and I will post a little more detail.

Aditya Konde

I have a different opinion on this. Why not mention it directy to the learners that this slide or screen is important part of the course and that they should be going through the content on the slide. For example, we can mention that the after viewing this slide you will be abvle to solve technical issues. (this is just an example ). Surely we can adopt the methods above but sometimes we can let the learner make the decision.

What say?



Steve Flowers

The way I've accomplished this in the past for freeform courses that didn't require an assessment was by adding a single "question" quiz styled up at the end of the course that looked like this:

Are you ready to mark the course complete?

If you're confident that you can _____, check the box below and click submit. You can return to the course at any time.

[ ] I'm ready to mark the course complete.

This quiz is set to 100% to complete. This one question has one, simple, right answer. We styled the slide a bit but this seems to work for "self-certify" on exploration activities.