reset navigation titles in properties to equal the slide title?

Nov 19, 2012

I had an interactive PowerPoint slide show that I am now updating and publishing with Articulate Presenter.  The original presentation did not use slide titles in the slide master, so I was adding navigation titles in the slide properties window.  When I realized the default was to use the slide titles, and how much of a maintenance nightmare it would be to have to keep checking that the hand-entered titles agreed with the actual slide titles, I just added the slide titles into the master and populated them.  The problem I'm having is that for any slide where I had already over-ruled the default and typed in a navigation title I don't know how to get Articulate to use the default instead of what I typed in.  Is there an easy way to do this?

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Bryant Lemieux

That's no problem...just move the actual slide title off the (viewable) portion of the slide (I usually place them just above the slide). To do this you may need to zoom out so you can see outside of the slide borders. Because the title is actually still there (just not visible), it's information will still be available to be grabbed and displayed in the side menu (Nav List).

Jeffrey Dalto

Bryant, thanks a lot.

I can see how that would work and, in the absence of a different answer, I'm going to do it. So you've solved my problem for now. Thanks again.

Still, that seems like a backdoor fix. What I'd really like to do is tell Presenter "display title here, don't display it there." It seems like a person should be able to do that.

Granted, the Articulate programs do a LOT, and maybe this is something they can't do and I will just have to roll with the punches on that.



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