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Peter Anderson

Hi Kim!

By choosing "Resize browser to fill screen" vs. "Resize to optimal size", the viewer may experience some image distortion or loss of image quality depending on the size of their display. This is due to scaling during the Flash conversion process. For that reason, I'd recommend resizing and locking your presentation to optimal size. Hope that's helpful

Jill Freeman

Hi, I am currently developing for phones and tablets (HTML5). To ensure proper display on Androids, I have inserted code into the story.html file as indicated in a previous post by Dean Saunders at eCreators (http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/12333/89335.aspx#89335). The code adjusts the screen dimensions using a variable (I think.) Without the code, the full player did not display on the screen - it was cut off.

I am struggling to understand the best way to display the course, as large as possible, for viewing on all small devices.

In particular, what browser settings are best? Can I be certain there will be no distortion on a tablet if I set browser size to "resize browser to full screen" and set player size to "scale player to fill browser window"? OR, since the code has been inserted in the story.html file, is it safe to "resize browser to optimal size" and "lock player at optimal size"?  

I hope I'm making sense here. Thanks for your ideas! -Jill