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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jim,

This thread contains some resources that might be helpful to you.

There's also this discussion where folks share sources where you can buy images of people with various expressions and poses.

If you need your avatars to move and talk, Xtranormal is a tool that some folks in the community have used and liked. Here are a couple screencasts, showing examples that Zara  and Laura shared.

sharon jones

Jim Rehmann said:

Don't really need them any longer... We just laid off half of our staff so I won't have time to do anything with avatars anyway.

Any job openings anywhere where I can work remote from Minneapolis?!  :o)


Sorry to hear this.  Was caught up in a similar situation early last year. 

Have you looked at the jobs posted at Society for Applied Learning Technology (http://www.salt.org/)?  Also there was posting in the forum recently.

Good Luck!