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I attached the incorrect file on my last post. This one contains the correct file for you to review.

I have posted this concern, but there have been no adequate suggestions or replies. Here is the problem I am having.

I create a Course and break it down into 6 Modules due to the size of the overall Course. Let’s take just one Module since all of them work fine with one exception. When I use the “Resources” link that allows a User to download a file, a problem occurs. The file is a “Workbook” created as a “Word doc” and it uploads properly. The file is in the Resources area, but only the word doc icon appears and the title is ‘invisible’ unless you hover over it. Then the Title appears unless you hover away from the field where the title is. It’s there, just not visible. The icon (file) is clearly visible indicating a file exists for the User to download. The Resource window drops down showing the Word doc icon, but the window itself is “borderless” and appears to be lacking or missing borders to demarcate it from the slide. In other words, it has an incomplete appearance.

I publish the Module and view it online. I click on the “view” option that is provided when you complete a published project. A new browser window opens and then loads. It is not being viewed locally other than in the preview mode. Once I publish it, I am given the choice to do several things and one is to view it. I click on that choice and my browser opens, the course is launched and I view it. That's where everything works except the title simply appearing on the dropdown next to the file that was downloaded. The title is there, but you have to hover over it to see it. Once you hover away from the field, it disappears. The problem isn't that it's not there. The problem is that the text (title) is not showing up unless you roll over it.

It is quite odd that everything but the “cosmetics” of the resource feature works fine, Again, the actual “file” is there, but cannot be identified unless you hover over the “area” where you know the title should be. I know I am publishing it correctly. I know that there are no other options in the Resources area (player properties) that has a checkbox or option for displaying text next to the file icon. Like I said, I created the project without concern as to whether I did something or failed to do something with the options available in the software. For whatever reason, the text is simply not "naturally" appearing unless I purposefully hover over it with my mouse arrow.

The file looks like the following:

File Icon” (Blank title area to right of file icon)

It should look like this:

“File Icon” Workbook

(The “word” Workbook is there, but not visible) This is the problem I am asking help for. How do I get the text WORKBOOK to show up? How do I make it visible?

I attached a file showing a screenshot of the Resources tab. Note that you can see the file icon, but not the title to the right of it.


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Julie Mountain

Ha!  Four years later and I'm STILL having this problem and have been fobbed off by Articulate.  I've had to remove the Resources tab from EIGHT courses and hyperlink everything to a newly created online media library, simply because one of the key features of Presenter doesn't work.  Pissed off doesn't cover it.