Resources tab showing up in published content

In Presenter 13 when I go into the player properties and uncheck the Resources tab it is removed from the preview, I then click "OK".  When I preview or publish the presentation the resources tab appears.  From the "Current Player" options I have tried saving and reseting the player and the outcome is the same.

How do I remove the resources tab?

Office 2010 / Articulate Presenter 13 Update 1:1311.520 Evaluation Copy (Upgrade from 09)

Thank you

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Brian Lambert

Figured it out....

In the slide properties my feature settings was set to "Custom for the selected slide".  When I changed it to "player defaults" cleared the resources.

I also noticed it was in the slide properties where I was able to remove the previous and next buttons.  While this flow between 2 menu options of player controls and slide properties is not very intuitive at least I figured it out.