Restrict Navigation when embedding Web Objects


I am trying to restrict navigation when showing videos on a slide via web objects. I don't need to have the next button locked for an exact time - even close to the length of the video will do. I've tried to use a silent audio file but that did not seem to work. Using presenter 09

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Alan Sarfati

I thought I found a solution by adding a very quiet ambient audio to play in the background that is the same length of the video. BUT, if I try to navigate away, it appears that the warning message that informs the user they must view the slide may be displaying behind the video? So since I can't ok that dialogue box the navigation is not working. Am I missing something with this attempt? See screen shot, active button but greyed out and cannot move on. Thanks again for any help.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Al,

This is a known issue with web objects and restricted navigation. 

You can workaround this Flash limitation using any of the following methods:

  • In Player Templates > Navigation, change the Navigation to Free.
  • Re-insert your Web Object, and configure it to Display in a new browser window.
  • In Slide Properties, change the view to Slide Only for the slide that contains the Web Object.  This will prevent the end-user from prematurely trying to advance the slide.
  • Use the unsupported solution described in this article, which involves inserting a SWF file into the Web Object slide.