Restrict Slide Navigation in Studio 13

Mar 29, 2016

After giving up on Studio 13 and the loss of functionality compared with S 09, we are once again tackling S13,  pushed by Flash problems.  We have solved the issue of controlling the timing of  each slide to a specific time, and now have one outstanding problem.

In S09 player template, we could force students to "only view slides that have already been viewed", which actually meant they can only advance by one slide from the slide they are on, but can go back over previous slides.

I cannot find any way of doing that in S13 Player....can anyone help? 



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Tony Mills

Many thanks for that.......I remembered too late that the "Restricted"
option is buried several layers down in the menu controls!

However it's now set up and working OK; I have now been able to force
minimum slide times by using silent audio files and/or animation; last
time I tried to import the silent audio it seemed impossible. Was that
just me getting it wrong or has the software been developed a bit?

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