Restricted navigation in Presenter '13

I have just started using Presenter '13 to convert a PowerPoint presentation to SCORM. I would like to restrict navigation so that learners will not be able to advance to the next slide until the audio is finished playing.

I watched a tutorial on navigation for Presenter '09 which demonstrated three choices for slide navigation: free, locked, and restricted. These choices are found under Slide Properties. However, it seems in the '13 version, there are only two options for slide navigation: free and locked. What happened to restricted?

I don't want the learner to be able to freely advance through the course, so free navigation won't work. Locked navigation also won't work, because I don't want the slides to auto advance and therefore there would be no way for a learner to advance to the next slide. How can I perform restricted navigation in Presenter '13?

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Chuck Pollard

I had the same issue, but I have to say, once I learned how 13 handles it, I am giddy. It's so much easier than with 09. 

In 09, navigation was controlled at the slide level, which meant restricting nav in slide properties. In 13, it's at the player level. 

So you click on the player, (next to the preview button).  That will bring up the player controls. Next choose menu. You will see a listing of all of your slides. At the bottom, is a gear icon. Click it, and there you will have the choice to set restricted. 

I saved 3 different styles of players that behave the way I want them to. After that, it's very easy to change the behavior of courses. I build the content, and then apply the player I want and publish.