Restricted Navigation Right Arrow Key Broken

The restricted navigation on the right arrow key is broken. Trainees are able to hold the right arrow key down and skip multiple slides without having to view them. Below is a link for you to test this problem on. Please ensure you are holding the right arrow key the entire time and it will skip slides. This occurs within quizzes as well resulting in trainees being unable to receive credit for the quiz as they skipped through questions. This problem occurs in Chrome.

How are we able to go about fixing this problem to ensure that trainees are reading the content and not skipping through the slides as well as eliminating the unintentional skipping of quiz questions?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, eLearning for sharing that Review link and reaching out! I've shared this with my team and they'll be investigating as a possible bug. I'll share an update here as soon as I can. It looks like this is only in the HTML5 output, so you may want to direct your learners to use the Flash output if available.