Restricted Slide Access

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if we are doing something wrong in Presenter360, or if the system is functioning as designed.

We have chosen to use the Restricted option for locking the slides.  This allows the user to go back, but when they click "Next", it says they can't go forward (fine), but then when the current slide resumes playing, there is no audio.  However, when it moves to the next slide and you go back, it plays the audio just fine.

Is there an audio option or setting that we are missing that is causing the audio to stop when "Next" is clicked?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Page,

Thank you for sharing those details here. Are you seeing this issue after the project is published and uploaded to a web server? There is a known issue with Presenter 360 in which audio is being muted when trying to view a slide that has not been viewed yet using restricted navigation after the course has been published. Does this sound like what you're seeing on your end?