Restricted slides stay open too long after animation completes.

Hi folks.  I really need some help here.

We have been working on a project for our client where we used a "click to enlarge" setup where when the image is clicked on, they are hyperlinked to another slide with has the enlarged image.  We used the zoom animation in Powerpoint to create the illusion of the image enlarging on their screen.  Worked fine.  However our client now wants all their users to view each slide in before moving forward.  Iwe added the restriction function, but now when we go to one of the click to enlarge slides, it does not allow you to progress forward  for 30 seconds!  Is there a setting to adjust this timing?  There is no audio or playlists in these slides, just the single animated image.  I have someone breathing down my neck to resolve this, but so far I am at a loss!

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Wilson Santiago

I think we figured out the problem.  The slides that have the click to enlarge were originally duplicated from slides tht had audio.  The sudio was deleted, but when we went into the sound editor we found that there was still empty space where the sound used to be.  Once we deleted the space in audio editor and republished, the delay was gone.  Just just I's mention it for future solution seekers here on the blog!