Resume buttons text lost!

Oct 27, 2016

Hello all, can anyone help with a little mystery, please?

One of our Studio 09 courses shows blank text boxes where Yes and No should be under the question "Do you want to restart where you left off?" when a student restarts a presentation after a break.  In the  Player Template settings, the correct text is shown against these buttons, but when I Preview the button the preview window opens but the barber pole sticks about 1/3 along its travel.

All ideas welcomed!

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Tony Mills

Yes of course, would the Articulate Package be the best way?  Another problem I've just noticed is that the Preview does not function in Studio 09, which I have uninstalled and downloaded and re-installed to see of that cured did not.  

I'll attach the Articulate package anyway. Let me know if you need a different format.

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