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Hi all.

Further to my last post asking about resume seems it's a toughy as no-one seems to have  anything to say. In a bid to try and work this all out, can anyone confirm that if you do NOT click the "Prompt to resume..." option in the player template, it will ALWAYS just return to the beginning of the presentation?

Also, can anyone confirm that if someone inadvertantly clicks "No" by mistake when prompted to resume that this too just returns them to the beginning and ignores the progress to date? the only time data is passed to the LMS on exit? This seems crazy so I must be missing something.

Thanks again everyone...any help would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be such a huge issue for us that I am hopeful that others have found solutions.



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Dave Newgass

Hey Michael,

The resume feature has been a source of frustration for me as well.  Here is what I know based on experience in testing my courses.

Hitting 'no' to the resume feature returns me to the beginning of the course.  Also, not have that feature turned on will return you to the beginning of the course. 

I'm not sure about the last question, but my question to you is why would you want to pass data sooner than that (in relation to tracking)?

I hope this helps and does not muddy the waters...



Michael Reid

Hi Dave and thanks for your input.

The problem we have is that we have quite large course files as the programs we deliver are similar to degree programs for teachers. Some users might spend quite some time (maybe an hour or more) studying, and the may experience a glitch, say a browser crash or flash crashing or some other thing outside our control...then they have lost everything they did in that session. When they log back in it just takes them back to the beginning or from where they last exited successfully and data was processed.

It seems crazy to me that data is not passed periodically to the LMS which is what we have had before switching to Articulate and our current LMS provider.

Given the variable that can influence, internet connection, flash, browser, etc. seems unbelievable to me that there isn't some mechanism by which data is passed periodically to ensure the minimum progress is lost if something happens.

Any thoughts? Perhaps I'm missing something simple...or perhaps not. It seems to me that others must have experienced the same issue given the number we are experiencing daily.

Cheers Dave...and thanks again


john faulkes

Michael - relating to your question about large course files and wanting to save data periodically in case of crashes, close windows, etc, we're working with some people who have the same concerns. We agree with you that the periodic saving functionality is a real mis, and also that the resume behaviour is not at all clear. We helped these guys gt around that and have built a system for them that will store content of any SL variables from locations throughout the course, and will load them in again later. Custom LMS, you might say.  Perhaps SL will fix or clarify all this in future, but they couldn't wait.

Anyway, happy to chat if you wish, send me a private message.