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Sep 04, 2016

We have a course written and running in Studio 09; it has run (with updates) for 3++ years.  earlier this year we got feedback that after a student logged out during the course, when it was resumed the boxes would appear for "do you want to resume where you left off", "Yes" and "No", but there is no text in them.  The boxes function correctly, ie if the box where "Yes" should be is clicked, the student is taken to the slide from which the Exit was made.

We have checked that in the Player Template > Text Labels the text is entered against the buttons. We have also checked that in Player Controls the box for "Prompt to resume on presentation restart" is checked.

We have about 10 courses running in Studio 09 on the LMS, and 2 in S13, but this problem only occurs with this course.

All ideas welcomed! 


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Tony Mills

There have been multiple reports, and It has happened to me when I run the
course in the LMS

I can set you up to run the course in the LMS...what is the best email
address to use for that?

Or I can send you the course.please remind me what format to do that in etc.

Or both!



Jon Cousens

Cloud Aero Training Ltd

07584 033015

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Emily Ruby

Hi Jon, 

The best thing to start with is to test it in the SCORM Cloud. If you can get the same behavior there, then it would likely be something in the file. If you cannot reproduce, then it would be on the LMSs end. Also, have you tried re publishing the course?

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