Resume message popping up in the middle of a course

Hi.  What does it mean when the following message pops up in the middle of a course?  I was clicking on the next button when it appeared.  I have republished 3 times and it is still there.  There is just a regular slide on the page before and an Engage slide on the next page.  I haven't touched those pages and it worked fine on a previous publish.

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Wendy B

Hi Jan,

I am experiencing the same issue and it happens right before one of my Engage interactions. See my post about this here:

Please keep us posted if you can figure this one out. I've been dealing with this for the past three days and still no resolution.

Jan Morris

Hi Wendy.  I cleared the cookies and temp internet files from my internet and then I was able to view the course without that resume box appearing.  So apparently the message appeared by mistake and when I republished, it disappeared.  But it was hung up in my cache and that's why I kept seeing that message.  Hope you get yours working!