Resume not working on Presenter 13

Nov 20, 2014

I can't seem to get the resume dialog to show on any presentation I publish. I've checked the settings to make sure the flash cookie isn't ignored in LMS and set to prompt to resume, but never receive the dialog when returning after exiting?

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Michael Martignetti

Thanks, I had followed the directions. In Scorm Cloud the resume works fine. But when it's in the production LMS (with both Ignore Flash Cookies checked and unchecked) it never shows the resume prompt.

It also doesn't work if I just browse the web hosted index_lms.html directly in my browser. Should the flash cookie work that way, or should I only expect to see resume when in the LMS? Knowing that would help.


Michael Martignetti

Thanks, hoping someone can still answer that though since there is a case I can't rule out until I know.

It could be that the cookie functionality isn't working anywhere and that Scorm Cloud is handling the resume itself. The LMS we're using doesn't seem to support resume on it's own, so it would/should use the cookie, but that also isn't working.

So basically I need a way of confirming if the flash cookie is working under any circumstance before I can be sure the LMS is the issue.

Michael Martignetti

Thanks for the advice. I tried that and some other tests and learned some more details.

- that the cookie resume worked when viewing the Presentation.html page even when publishing to an LMS, but viewing the index_lms.html the cookie never works when published with Presenter 13.


- I have the LMS provider load up a course I created with the same settings using Presenter 09 and the cookie worked fine on the index_lms page when loaded into the same LMS environment. 

I'm not sure about the differences between the presentation and index_lms pages, but imagine that the index_lms page uses code specific for LMS tracking and that just using the presentation page within the LMS isn't going to work.

May need to get on a conference with support to see if there any other options. Any other help you could provide here though is appreciated.

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