Resume option when publishing on LMS


I'm using presenter and have inserted a quiz whose result is tracked on the LMS.

If the user exit the presentation without finishing the quiz and come back again : Articulate asks if he wants to resume which is perfect but....if he responds no  he returns to the beginning of the quiz.

My problem is that my trainee could make this as many time he wants until he knows the good response and finish with a perfect score!

How can I do to prevent from this situation?

I try to play with the "Prompt to resume"  and "ignore flash cookie "options in the player template but no way.

If i don't tick the "prompt to resume" option ....the quiz returns directly to the beginning.....

I don't know what to do,  my LMS provider can't help me and I feel a little bit alone.....

Thanks a lot ......I'm waiting your answers....


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Brian Batt

Hi Michele,

I can't comment on future features.  However, if you'd like to see that feature added to a future release, please submit a feature request to us:

Regarding the "ignore Flash cookie" question, here's a good explanation:

Articulate content can use 2 mechanisms to resume.  When the content is used in an LMS, the resume data is stored by the LMS via "suspend data." 

When Articulate is not used in an LMS, you can use a "Flash cookie" to save the resume data on the end-user's machine.

So, in a nutshell, you'll want to "ignore Flash cookie" when the content is in the LMS so that the end-user's browser doesn't get confused on which data to use (suspend data or the Flash cookie).  

Does that make sense?

Michele Zemour

Thank you so much  Brian!

I 'll make a request right now because I'm sure that I'm not alone in that situation....

Meanwhile, I'm wondering how to manage it ...I'll probably train the learner to resume always if they leave the quiz.....I hope all my trainees will be disciplined

Your Flash cookie explanation is great!....very clear....indeed.

Thx again!