Resume prompt not always showing


Running Articulate Studio 13 content (presenter) published for LMS as Scorm and hosted in Moodle.

Students report that the prompt to resume sometimes shows up, sometimes not:

"I’ve been playing around trying to test the “resume” functionality.  I can’t seem to get it to behave consistently.  I sometimes get the prompt you show below, but mostly not.  It seems that I don’t get the prompt if I am further along in the module – so, I’m okay if I stop in the introductory, history or even topography and climate – but if I’m in to the grapes, I get forced back to the start again.  (I’ve tested this in a couple of browsers with the same results)."

In other words... seems like that as long as the user does not go too far in a module, the promt shows up. But if the user goes too far in the module, it does not show up.

FYI, I have tracking of completion set to track the number of slides viewed. Something like 13 slides out of the 40+ slides of the module.

I have searched online for solutions but don't seem to find where to begin.

Can you help?



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