Resume where you left off not working


We are using Studio 13 with Moodle 2.4.  I have had a client contact me that is saying that when he goes back into a module that he has previously started, the "resume where you left off" option will not work as in nothing happens when you click the "yes" or "no" option, nothing works.

He is using Chrome as his browser.

Any thoughts on what to diag on this one?

Many thanks!


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Dan Marsden

Tell your client that Moodle 2.4 is full of bugs(including known issues with SCORM) , is known to have security issues that could allow a malicious user to seriously compromise their site, and that you cannot help them.

They need to upgrade to a recent stable supported release of Moodle. That is the only recommendation you should be making. If they can't do this, suggest they ask a Moodle Partner for help to upgrade their site.