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I have a Quizmaker exam and use Adobe Connect as the LMS.  The user must pass with 85%.  However, if they fail I do not want them to access the evaluation again.  In Adobe Connect, i've set the "Max Attempts" to 1, however they can still access the module in "Review Mode". 

Is there a way for the module to "lock" if they fail and require the user to email me to reset?

I posted on Adobe Connect and they responded below. However, it is under the assumption that I created the content in Adobe Presenter. 

Take me to the response:

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Peter Anderson

Hi Alex,

You can specify the number of attempts that a user is allowed for quizzes that are embedded in your Presenter '09 presentations.  Here's how:

However, limiting the number of attempts for presentations, standalone quizzes, and standalone interactions is not currently supported.  Please review the following article for more information:

You may use the following Feature Request Form to route your suggestions and requests directly to our product development team for review: