Roll back to Presenter Update 8

Hi All,

Is it possible to roll back Presenter '09 to update 8? 

I would like to run a few tests publishing modules in update 8 versus update 9.

Our LMS admin seems to think there may be a correlation btwn recent troubles we've been having with modules not passing completion values and Presenter updates. 


Since Sept 2012 (which I know is well prior to Update 9), we have been experiencing a heightened frequency of modules published in Articulate Studio Pro'09 not passing a completed value to our LMS (SumTotal v 8.9). The LMS retains an 'inProgress' status. We find that once a learner experiences this problem the only work around is to relaunch the module and not resume from previous bookmark (ie: redo the module). 

Our issues are notoriously inconsistent affecting different modules during different months. Sometimes it happens to recently updated and republished modules, sometimes it happens to modules published previously with otherwise stable histories. 

Guidance is appreciated. 

Many Thnx!

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