Rollover Flash widget not working in Presenter

Greetings all,

I have a question about a Rollover Flash widget created by Brian Houle, whom I see is a member of this community. 

I will leave Brian a private message as well, but I thought I'd post this question here in case others have experienced this problem and can help me figure out how to troubleshoot it. 

  1. Description of widget:

This was a widget created, based on the accompanying README txt. file, on August 25, 2010.  Essentially this is a zipped package with a swf file and an xml file.  The XML file has all of the script on it.  The SWF file is inserted as a Flash movie on the slides which contain the Flash rollovers. 

To view the rollovers, you need to publish the Presenter file, then insert the XML file into the published folder, and open the player.html file. 

You can change the placement, size, opacity, font size, style and color of the rollover by playing with the contents of the script in the XML file. 

2.     Description of difficulty being experienced:

I have three slides with rollovers.  The first one works like a charm.  In the second slide, I do not see the rollover when I mouse over the location, but I can see the rollover because I increase the opacity so it is visible.  On the third slide, the rollovers neither work, nor are they visible, despite my playing around with the horizontal and vertical placement of the rollovers and the opacity. 

I do the same thing in all three slides, I create hotspotGroups for each set of hotspots on the slide, and a <hotspot> marker for each rollover, always closing or ending them with a "/" like </hotspot>.  I inserted the flash movie swf file on all three slides. 

My question is, what am I doing wrong?  Has anyone experienced this problem before?  Here is the XML script I have altered...

Thank you so much for any thoughts on the matter,


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