Run-time error '-2147319779 (8002801d)': Automation error Library not registered

I'm getting this error today when attempting to sync animations or add annotations in Presenter 13.  It worked fine on Friday.  I checked and I have the most recent version of Presenter and it was repaired last week and the week before...  Any suggestions, or do I need to get my IT to repair it again?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Joyce -- So sorry for your troubles! As that is not an issue that I am familiar with, can you please let us know if the error only occurs when doing a certain activity? Can you replicate the issue in a new file or only having difficulty with one file?

You may want to conduct a repair of your software, and let us know if that helps or if you are still having troubles. :)

Joyce Hensen

My IT changed a registry setting and it appears to be working again.

It definitely was related to specific tasks and continued to be a problem after restarting the computer. I could not annotate or sync, but I could open the Audio Editor and change the syncing manually.

After changing the registry I am able to both sync and annotate.

Christie Pollick

Many thanks for the update here, Joyce -- glad to hear you are all set! I did want to note in case you weren't aware that when you reply via email to a forum notification, the details in your signature are displayed publicly. So, in the interests of protecting your privacy, you are welcome to use the EDIT button beneath your post to remove those details if you wish. :)