Run Time Error 48: Error In Loading DLL

Good day. I came across this thread ( while looking for a fix to the same issue reported here: "Run Time Error 48: Error loading DLL".

I have run through all of the solutions linked to in the thread, Repair, Uninstall, Reinstall, .NET 4.5 Install, MS Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime. All to no avail. I am still getting the error.

We recently migrated to Windows 8.1 and Office 365 which meant purchasing Studio 13 to replace Studio 09. These were clean OS migrations so Studio 13 was installed clean - no previous versions were used.

Looking at the PPT version info it says Version: 15.0.4805.1003.

Am I looking at having to do a complete uninstall of Office and Studio to get this fixed?

Thanks in advance for any reply.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Eric -- Thank you for sharing the link to another thread on a similar topic, and as you mentioned that you have exhausted all of the suggestions offered, I think it may be best to put you in touch with our Support Engineers directly for additional technical input. 

I will go ahead and submit a ticket on your behalf momentarily, so please be on the lookout for a confirmation email to that effect shortly. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Eric -- Sure thing, and you should have already received a confirmation email for your case #00775696. Please check your SPAM folder in case the message was routed there in error, and if you do not find it there, perhaps I did not enter the correct email address to create the ticket (as we appear to have more than 1 email address for "Eric Bybee" on file on our system.)

As such, you may need to use this form to submit a ticket on your own and I will then close the other in order to avoid additional confusion. Please let me know!

Christie Pollick

Just wanted to stop in with an UPDATE here on Eric's case for anyone who may be following along here... Based on the notes in the case, Eric shared the following with our engineer, Abel after a request for system logs had been sent:

"I made the decision to go forward with another uninstall of Studio '13 and then uninstall MS Office 2013 and do a clean install. After speaking with my IT team I found out how easy it was going to be since the move to Office 365.

So, good news. The uninstall and clean install of both Office and Studio worked! I no longer have the Run Time Error 48."

Hope that helps others who may encounter the same issue! :)