Running Articulate Presenter course via MadCap Flare?

Our Documentation Specialist is trying to add some of our Articulate courses to our company's web help site, which is based 0n MapCap Flare.  We've tried publishing to a variety of formats from Articulate Presenter, but she cannot get any of the output to work properly.  Do you have any experience with MapCap an/or any tricks you could pass along?  Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carolyn and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! You didn't mention any particular error, so it's hard to diagnose what the issue could be.  As a starting point, I'm sharing the document for Publishing to Web for Presenter.  I also have an information page from MadCap.  If this doesn't help you, please give us some further details as to what kind of problem you're actually having and what steps you have taken.