Running Presenter or Storyline HTML5 content on Showpad


I want to run a course through Showpad. I'm able to generate the HTML5 content and upload it to the Showpad system. It looks great - the animations play and I can navigate through the content, but the audio for the course does not play.

After a lot of troubleshooting with Showpad, they have informed me that "Auto Play" of audio is not supported and I should "add a play button that will start the video and audio at the same time." I have tried turning off auto advance for the topics but I'm not exactly sure how I would add a play button that will do what they are asking by using Presenter or Storyline.

Any ideas? I'd rather not use the Articulate app because I want the content to live and play within Showpad.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jo, 

You'd want to add a trigger to your slides to start the audio/video when the user clicks on a button or similar element in Storyline. As for how you may set this up in Presenter, there isn't an option to include a trigger but if you insert the video as a web object or similar it should include a play button that the user could click. 

Also, please note that due to current limitations in HTML5 browsers, Articulate Storyline's HTML5 output will only auto-play one video at a time. You'll need to take this into consideration when developing content for HTML5 delivery.

If you have more than one video on the same slide scheduled to play at the same time, only one will play automatically in HTML5 output. Learners will need to manually play additional videos on the same slide.