Runtime error when loading Presneter Add-in

As a Storyline user I’ve had no need for Presenter these days except to update old publications.  I recently loaded Studio 09 to my new PC and updated Quizmaker and Engage files OK.  Only now I have realised that Presenter is not working.

The install was OK (tried it twice) but the Communicator and Ribbon show up as INACTIVE Add-ins. The problem is if I try to activate them I get a runtime error. (apmsghrr.dll and ribbon.dll - both present). All files are latest updates.

I am using Office 2013 on a new Dell PC with 16GB RAM. (i7 3.1GHz) 64 bit but 32bit PowerPoint.  Grateful for any suggestions.

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Paul Wolstencroft

Thanks Phil,

Looks like another reinstall to the clapped out old PC then.  I thought it was just the 64 bit edition where there were problems.  I've recommended Presenter to a couple of clients but they get new PCs shipped with 2013 pre-loaded so is there a plan for compatibility?   Actually they've been waiting for Presenter 13 so will this be OK?

Christine Hendrickson

Phil Mayor said:

I understand Studio 13 will be compatible with Office 13

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to chime in and let you know that Phil is correct (thanks Phil!). Studio '13 will be compatible with Office 2013, but keep in mind that it'll be the same as earlier versions. You'll need to make sure you run the 32-bit installation of Office.