Safari only, sending Lesson_Status a I when complete

Feb 17, 2012

We've launched an articulate presentation that's been running for a while and noticed that some trouble with certain users completing the presentation. The one thing all these users have in common is that they are using Safari on a Mac.

We are tracking using AICC and are reporting status to the LMS as Complete/Incomplete. Tracking using the quiz results of the final quiz in the presentation with a passing score of 100%. We have the quizes setup in such a way that you can not complete the quiz without getting every question correct.

We've run tests while watching the headers and have seen that on a IE6,7,8, Firefox 3,9, and Chrome on a PC and Firefox and Chrome on a Mac submit the LESSON_STATUS as C when the last quiz is completed.  But Safari on a Mac always submits an I.

Going to try Safari of a PC just for my own curiosity next and will post results.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any help on this. 

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Michael Martignetti

Thanks Justin, I will the debug LMS options outlined there. Would you consider this an issue of communication between the system and LMS however.

With the headers from the presentation showing the "I" I assumed this is something happening before it needs to communicate with the LMS.

Let me know if my reasoning is flawed though.


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