Scenario questions and LMS limits

How do you handle scenario-based assessments given the confines of the LMS?

We've recently started using Saba as our LMS. It restricts question, correct answer and feedback length to 250 characters, including spaces. (3 places, none of which  can individually exceed 250 characters.) One cannot go backward (to review the scenario) until all questions are answered.

Scenario questions are, to put it mildly, a challenge. We thought about putting it on a slide before the quizmaker, but there's no way to return to the scenario to refresh your memory/look for details.  Scenarios become even more of a challege when seeking explicit transfer of knowledge. Students must regularly access documentation to determine if the state in question has an exception to the rule they have learned. We're dealing with insurance, its acronyms and the variations by state. Graduates rely heavily on the frequently (almost daily) updated manuals. The designer cannot attach the manual because it may go out of date before the course is even accessed!

I wonder if you have faced similar challegnes and how you keep your assessments on target while dealing with the constraints.

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